ARCHAM STUDIO was founded in 2002 by a group of young architects engaged in academic research. Reality born as a "laboratory" of ideas, of new possible ways of architectural composition experimentation, projects that were moving critically on contemporary architecture through participation in national and international competitions.
A prolific competition activities, has now joined a design work that is an expression of what experienced in other fields and it became an indelible signature of ARCHAM STUDIO work. Have taken place over time, important partnerships, ARCHAM STUDIO, with established professionals, who at various times and for various reasons, have joined forces to projects or competitions, bringing important advice. 
In direct contact with prestigious engineering, today the studio avail collaborations with advanced knowledge.
ARCHAM STUDIO is able to manage from the preliminary design to the executive, from the largest public-private work to the simple, yet sophisticated, interior design studio.
The analysis in the design phase on save energy and new construction technologies are one of the added values of ARCHAM STUDIO design, directly resulting from the constant experimentation.

New offices in Bergamo

In 2002 he is graduated with Laude in the course of studies in Civil Architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan, following which, in 2003, he has attended the course of studies of Architectural Engineering at the same university.
In 2004 he has obtained a University Diploma in "Design and management of facilities for high school and college, technical evaluation of architectural works" at the Faculty of Engineering of Polytechnic of Milan.
He has obtained a PhD in Architectural Composition at the Polytechnic of Milan in 2009, Master "Urban Design" at the University of Technology of Beijing (China) in 2010 and "Design in Archaeological areas" at the Faculty of Architecture of Rome III in 2011 .
He carries out activities of Teaching and Research from 2005 to Polytechnic of Milan in Architectural Design and from 2013 at the University of Brescia.
Since 2002 is the owner of ARCHAM STUDIO in Milan and since 2015 in Bergamo.
He has won several architectural awards and international competitions for architectural design.
He is the author of numerous scientific publications on Architecture contemporary.
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